Confidential Consulting:


Megan's role in navigating academic, social, religious and cultural contexts brings with it multiple roles and responsibilities.

In turn, her professional portfolio includes a full spectrum of services including but not limited to:

  • Speaker 

  • Moderator





“As a college ministry, no other topic comes up more with students than what we believe the Bible says about sexual orientation.  As an organization with multiple staff in multiple locations, it became important for us to provide clarity and transparency for our students and staff when answering these questions, even if we were not all on the same page.  Megan has been a patient listener, a gracious conversation partner, and thoughtful guide through some difficult terrain. As I wrestled with my own questions, awkwardly drawing conclusions and tentatively using and misusing language, Megan, by asking the right questions and pointing to helpful resources, has provided safe environment to process and better articulate answers to my questions, no matter where I found myself through this journey.”   - Anonymous Director of a Collegiate Ministry in the USA